Driver’s Licenses For All

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In 2020, the State of Oregon will be required to implement new stricter standards for issuing drivers’ licenses to bring the state into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act passed in 2005.

Under these new standards, the state will provide two different kinds of drivers’ licenses: an “enhanced” license, which will be REAL ID-compliant and a “standard” license, similar to what Oregon drivers have now.

HB2015 would:

  • give all Oregonians the option to upgrade to an “enhanced” REAL ID-compliant driver’s license by providing additional identification and proof of citizenship
  • also allow Oregonians who do not want, cannot afford, or do not have access to the documents required for an “enhanced” license to keep or apply for a “standard” Oregon license—if they meet all other DMV requirements to drive.


The Driver’s Licenses for all Campaign-HB 2015 or Equal Access to Roads Act has passed through Ways & Means and now needs to pass through the State House!

The ability to drive-legally- is a core everyday need for many Oregon families, especially in rural areas, as people take their kids to school, commute to work, and take care of family and neighbors in need.

You can help support HB2015 in the following ways: