Sponsorship Opportunity


Great opportunity to promote your business and support our organization! We have extensive experience providing financial and educational opportunities to the Hispanic people in our area. We are the only organization in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook Counties that provides specific services in Spanish to Hispanics. We also have members and clients from Pacific County, WA and Lincoln County, OR. For more information please contact Maritza Romero at maritza@lchispaniccouncil.org.

Level 1: $250. Benefits: Mention on our Facebook page through event promotion.

Level 2: $500. Benefits: Everything in level 1 plus mention in our newsletter (can be personalized) and your logo on the official event flyer.

Level 3: $750. Benefits: Everything in levels 1 & 2 plus a link to your organization in our sponsors section for one year and your logo on our event banner.

Level 4: $1000. Benefits: Everything in levels 1 to 3 plus “sponsored by” mention in any on-air advertising as well as your advertisement in our newsletter for 1 year.