We believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality education regardless of his or her place of origin or the language spoken at home. Our programs are designed to be culturally-specific and meet the needs of the family. As an organization, we have made a commitment to become active partners with our school districts, the Northwest Regional Education School District (NWRESD) and the Early Learning Council to help create more equitable and culturally responsive education programs.



For many of our families, navigating the health care system can be a stressful experience and can sometimes lead to confusion. We provide the community with the assistance of learning how to navigate our local health care resources. We also conduct educational workshops throughout the year and assist with the Oregon Health Plan application process.


Financial Empowerment

We are part of, VIDA, which is a collaborative of agencies offering Individual Developmental Accounts (IDAs) to individuals and families. An IDA is a matched savings account that enables families with limited financial resources to save and build assets. IDAs are about more then receiving match money. For example, building skills that will help individuals and their families move up the ladder of self-sufficiency.


Advocacy & Civic Engagement

Our strategy involves giving our community a platform through which they can express their concerns, share their stories and provide feedback on all aspects of civic life, from healthcare to their children’s education.  We believe that both adults and youth with the right tools and knowledge can be effective advocates for their community and change systems and institutions to be more responsive to the needs of the community.



LCHC is often the first stop for many North Coast Hispanic families looking for information regarding immigration issues, healthcare referrals, child custody and support issues, educational opportunities and many other services. We have created an office that is culturally-specific to the people we serve, so they are apt to come to us before going directly to other agencies or services. Not only do we aim to make the connection between our members and outside agencies as seamless as possible, but we also offer direct delivery of services in Spanish, something not common in this region.