In an effort to provide the best services and programs possible, we ask individuals seeking certain services to make a contribution in the form of a membership.

  • Individual $100
  • Student: $50
  • Small Business: $250
  • Family: $150
  • Senior (65+): $50

Services that are part of the membership include the following:

  • ITIN (Individual Tax Identification numbers) applications
  • Tax preparation
  • Translation of Birth Certificates (first 2 free, please refer to chart below)
  • Interpretation (first hour free, please refer to chart below)
  • Notary services, Computer /Internet access, copies, printing, fax service, and access to our library
  • Referral to trusted agencies and organizations: Immigration attorneys, workers’ rights, health and social services
  • Notification about educational workshops: financial education, parenting classes, Know-Your-Rights, civic engagement, and others organized by our agency, and
  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, El Heraldo, which includes information on our events, services, and other important announcements.

Additional Services:

  • Assistance with scheduling appointments with the Mexican Consulate in Portland/ Seattle to process Consular Identification, Passports, Double Nationalities and Military Registrations.
  • Health Workshops: breast-care, diabetes and nutrition workshops.

*** Memberships are considered a donation to the organization and being a member is not a requirement for receiving services***

Service Cost Chart

Service Member Non-member
Notary First 3 are  free ($5/document) $10/document
Tax filing assistance¹ Current year is free ($65 for prior years) Membership cost
Translation of Birth Certificate First 2 are free  ($10/ page) $15/page
Interpreting² First hour free ($15/hour) $30/hour*
General application First hour free ($15/hour) $20/hour

1 For small business tax assistance there will be a $25 additional cost, if you come to your appointment without organizing your receipts and documents.  

2 Cost may vary, refer to our Interpreting Policy.