Gudelia Contreras was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. When she came to the U.S.A., she did not speak any English so she went to ESL classes at a local college in San Jose CA. She is a migrant worker since 2008 when she started to commute from Salem to Astoria, where she worked at a local cannery for seven years. Gudelia has gradually continued her education at Clatsop Community College where she has received her GED in 2012 and her AGS in 2016. Her end goal is to receive her Bachelor’s in Social Work at PSU.

Gudelia loves helping people, a reason why she has been involved in various volunteering projects like teaching adults how to read and write in Spanish thru INEA program at the LCHC and also helping others to get their GED.

Now, she works for the Lower Columbia Hispanic Council since August 2015 as an OHP Outreach and Enrollment Specialist. She helps people access health care and it allows her to stay connected with the Latino community. She has been able to help people every day to get their applications for OHP done as well as motivating people to study and get into college education.

Gudelia is an active member of the Clatsop Community College Foundation Board, as well as a member of the college’s Latino Club. Gudelia has volunteered in many places but most recently she has volunteered at CAUSA Oregon, an organization dedicated to protecting and expanding Latino immigrant rights. In her free time, Gudelia likes to dance, laugh, and cook.



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