Samuel was born and raised in the Amazon Region of Brazil within a lively, multi-cultural, non-profit community. He has enjoyed being a part of and helping facilitate different community-driven programs since his early teenage years, such as youth camps, educational events, and other programs intended to benefit the local Amazonian river communities, as well as surrounding Indigenous tribes. He went on to take courses in Counseling, Communications, Second Language Acquisition, and others through the UofN in Brazil and the Big Island of Hawaii.

One of his favorite aspects of the work he’s been immersed in is interpreting, which has taught him the value of active listening, and compassion. After 8 years in Hawaii, Samuel was able to work as a Portuguese/English Judicial Court Interpreter in various courthouses within the state of Connecticut, as well as Human Services meetings through interpreting services: My Language Link and Linguistica International.

Samuel is also passionate about song-writing and has been recently converted into a cat person. He is beyond happy to be in beautiful Astoria, Oregon, and to have the opportunity to be working with the lovely and dedicated team at LCHC in service to our vibrant local community.


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