Hola compañeros y compañeras, and thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Lower Columbia Hispanic Council!

The creation of our events cannot be possible without our valuable volunteers who give the best of themselves every year to make these events an unforgettable experience for the public. Be part of the Hispanic Council Volunteer Team and have the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the culture, customs and traditions from our roots to our community. The activities in which our volunteers help in the preparation of events and programs are:

  • Decorating
  • Coordination of activities for children
  • Food and beverages preparation
  • Performances or presentations according to the celebration
  • Volunteers to advertise in the area about the event

You can volunteer at:

  • Organizing our exciting Battle of Puebla- The Battle of Puebla commemorates the battle between Mexico (under the command of Ignacio Zaragoza) and the French army on May 5, 1862. In that battle Mexico emerged victorious even though they faced a larger and better equipped army.
  • Organizing Día de los Muertos. Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead is an annual Mexican and Central American celebration to remember loved ones who have passed away.  It is a time of family reunion, and we celebrate it by creating community altars, and with lots of fun family activities.
  • The Hispanic Heritage Celebration, is the most important celebration during the year. In September of each year we host a big party in which the whole community is invited. Performances are presented by members of the community, there are presentations of typical folkloric dances from Mexico by the dance group Mi Cultura, delicious typical foods and drinks are offered to the public and there are also many fun family activities. It is definitely a great opportunity to learn more about Mexican culture and have a nice time with family, friends and the community in general.
  • Assistance with I.T. and database. We use Access and Excel to file and organize contact information. In a given period of time we must update our database containing members and community partners’ information, this helps us ensure a good communication.
  • Childcare assistance. We know that many times for reasons of work or lack of child care, community members find it a little difficult to attend informative conferences on different topics that are offered during the year. That’s why we usually have volunteer childcare services. If you have skills and you like working with children, this is a great opportunity to be a volunteer!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact Andrea Gonzalez at (503) 325-4547 or andrea@lchispaniccouncil.org